Each PHP app runs a number of services (each in their own Docker container) to approximate the Pantheon environment.

If you are not already familiar with the basics of how Kalabox Apps work please take some time to read about it.


The appserver service depends on the framework you’ve selected. Here is a breakdown of the different appservers we provide.

The service is responsible for processing php files and serving the result to the user.


We provide the minimal extensions required to run each PHP framework. Please consult with the docs for each framework for a list of the extensions required. That list should hopefully match up wth:

  • curl
  • gd
  • mbstring (not on WordPress)
  • mcrypt
  • mysqli (WordPress only)
  • pdo (not on WordPress)
  • pdo_mysql (not on WordPress)
  • pdo_pgsql (not on WordPress)
  • Zend OPcache (Not on Drupal 7 or Backdrop)
  • zip (not on WordPress)

Accessing your site

You should be able to access your PHP site at:

  • http://MYAPP.kbox


The data service runs a busybox container and exists so that valuable application data can persist between rebuilds and be shared amongst other containers.

The volumes of this container are shared with all the other containers which means that every container will have the following directories:

|-- /var/www/html   Contains the PHP frameworks applicaton codebase
|-- /media          Contains your applications files, ie `sites/default/files` for Drupal 7
|-- /var/lib/mysql  Contains the `mysql` database
  • The /media directory should be synced to the files directory inside of your local app.

Data service shows as not running

Data containers always show up as not running when inspected with Docker.


The db service runs a the latest official mysql container. This service stores your applications sql data.

Accessing your database

You can access your database from an external or internal service by using the kbox services command. Please review the services command to find out more.